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Verdades y mentiras del coche eléctrico, ayudas al sector automovilístico

Posted by franandroid en diciembre 5, 2008

No lo he podido resistir, esto está sacado directamente sacados del original, haciendo la comparación entre un coche totalmente eléctrico, Tesla Roadster y uno híbrido, Toyota Prius.

The electric car, once the “zero-emissions” darling of environmentalists, is sometimes maligned as an “emissions-elsewhere” vehicle, since the electricity to charge its batteries must be generated in electrical generation plants that produce emissions. This is a reasonable point, but we must then ask how much pollution an electric car produces per mile – accounting for all emissions, starting from the gas or oil well where the source fuel is extracted, all the way to the final consumption of electricity by the car’s motor. When we work through the numbers, we find that the electric car is significantly more efficient and pollutes less than all alternatives…

Resumen de los cálculos:
Toyota Prius      0.68 km/MJulios
Tesla Roadster    2.18 km/MJulios

…a typical gasoline car can go more than 250 miles, (400 km), on a tank of gas. The main reason that we want to have 250-mile range on our gasoline cars is not primarily because we want to drive 250 miles in a day, but rather because we don’t want to go to the gas station every day – a tank of gas should go about a week. From this perspective, the 60-mile range, (100 Km), of the electric car might be enough for a commuter car…

Qué curioso, y lo que sigue es mejor

…Electric cars are mechanically much simpler than both gasoline cars and fuel-cell cars. There is no motor oil, no filters, no spark plugs, no oxygen sensors. The motor has one moving part, there is no clutch, and the transmission is much simpler. Due to regenerative braking, even the friction brakes will encounter little wear. The only service that a well-designed electric car will need for the first 100,000 miles (160.000 Km), is tire service and inspection…

Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning
Tesla Motors Inc.
6 October 2006



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